Keynote: John Bruce

CEO & Co-founder at Inrupt

With a background as both a founder and an executive at global tech firms, John is uniquely qualified to help engineer the next phase of the web alongside his co-founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He brings to bear decades of successful business leadership and experience creating new markets around innovative software. Prior to partnering with Tim, he was the co-founder and CEO of Resilient, now an IBM company, that developed a new approach to cybersecurity.

Through Resilient and four other successful startups, John has experienced first-hand the strategic challenges that the current structure of the web causes for users, developers and organizations around the world.

Focusing the Forces of Change on the Web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web 32 years ago with a simple concept — linking information in a standardized way so that anyone can access it. This idea unleashed the greatest economic revolution in a century.

Semantic data was the web’s next big idea. But this time the revolution has not come. Something is missing. 

So Tim lead an effort to develop it, and it’s called Solid.

Now, Tim and his co-founder John Bruce have introduced a new company to focus the forces of change. Technology, economics, governance and consumer demand are converging to define the future of the web. 

Based on Solid and powered by Inrupt. 

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