Call for Papers ESWC 2021 Ontologies and Reasoning


Ontologies, schemas, and vocabularies play a central role in the Semantic Web. They can be learned from (linked) data or text, extracted from legacy datasets, be re-implementations of existing data models, or developed from scratch. Moreover, ontologies enable reasoning, i.e., deriving facts that are not expressed in ontologies or knowledge bases explicitly. This track aims to attract innovative research on ontologies, schemas, vocabularies, the methodologies used to develop them, and logic-based reasoning. We welcome both theoretical and practical research papers.

Negative Results

As a new theme in 2021, ESWC also encourages the submission of negative results papers, which we also encourage in this track. Specific instructions for negative results papers can be found here.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Ontology management, maintenance, and reuse
  • Ontology design patterns and anti-patterns
  • Evolution of vocabularies, schemas, and ontologies
  • Pattern mining and extraction
  • Ontology acquisition (e.g., from unstructured sources)
  • Ontology Learning
  • Languages, tools, programming paradigms, and methodologies for (collaborative) ontology engineering
  • Ontology repositories and ontology search
  • Evaluation of ontology and schema quality
  • Ontology and schema based data integration and curation
  • Ontologies, schemas, and vocabularies for specific domains (where the emphasis is on the ontology engineering and execution of a methodology)
  • Reasoning algorithms and systems
  • Optimisation, approximation, and evaluation of reasoning algorithms.

Delineation from other tracks:

This track is not for the submission of ontologies that are established, or those that are provided as a resource. Instead, we solicit submissions about such ontologies that speak to their development and the execution of the methodology that produced it. Furthermore, this track is similar, but distinct to, the Knowledge Graphs track. Please check closely to their topics of interest for best fit.


Information on deadlines and submission formats can be found here.

Track Chairs

  • Cogan Shimizu, Kansas State University, USA
  • Jacopo Urbani, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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