Call for Papers ESWC 2021 Problems to Solve Before You Die


This track is new at ESWC 2021, and it focuses on hard, longstanding or paradigm-breaking open problems. The goal of the track is the identification or even creation of new research trends and topics in or related to the Semantic Web.

  • Suggest “millennium problems” and ideas of the Semantic Web which should be solved
  • What your contribution could be
    • Suggestions for new research fields or paradigms
    • Formulations of fundamental trade offs and limitations
    • Suggestion of innovative applications and ideas never heard of before
    • Suggestion of fruitful syntheses with other domains of computer science (or other fields) that haven’t been tried out before
    • Suggestions and ideas of new approaches and solutions for hard, longstanding, and paradigm-breaking problems of our field
  • What your contribution will need
    • A clear formulation of the problem
    • An argument why this problem should be solved
      • i.e., what new killer apps would be possible our how our daily life would improve if this were solved
    • An analysis what has been done so far for tackling this
      • leading to an argument why it has not been solved so far
  • What your contribution won’t be
    • Here’s an artificial problem I’ve made up to have a unique selling position for my research
    • I’m stuck on this problem with my thesis, please help me
    • Merely an exercise:
      “If you can solve it, it is an exercise; otherwise it’s a research problem.”
      (Richard Bellman, when asked by a student how to distinguish between exercises and research problems, as quoted by Donald Knuth)


Information on deadlines and submission formats can be found here. Note that the total length for papers in this track is shorter (8 pages instead of 15).

Track Chairs

  • Harald Sack
  • Frank van Harmelen

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